Vault Item out of Alphabetical Order

You know I’m getting to the end of the learning curve when I ask this. It’s just bugging me a little.
An item in my personal vault is out of alphabetical order. Is there a way for me to move it to where it should be?

Note: Your question may already be answered in the Bitwarden Help Center.

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Can you provide some more information please? Perhaps we can diagnose what’s going on.

Hi Dan, thank you for your reply! In my personal vault, the very first item should be much lower on the list. All the other items on the list are in alphabetical order except the first one. Is there any way I can move the top item to it’s proper place? Thanks, Gail

Have you looked to see if the name of your first item has an inadvertent space as the first character? That might explain it.

Well, whaddya know? That was the exact problem. Thank you so much!

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