Vault Item Labels (tags)

Agree. Tags are far more flexible than “folders.” Logins and other security information clearly can have more than one characterization. “Finance + Travel + Family.” Etc. If a person finds multiple tags confusing, they can simply use just one. Presto, tags then will act just like folders.


i really hope this is a top priority, i need the ability to search for things via tags, something i loved about 1password.


This feature request has been knocking around since 2016. Founder kspearrin inferred this had been added to the pipeline in Jan 2017.

Where does this feature sit in the priorities list? Are there any hurdles impeding progress?

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This would be very nice to know!

And it would be awesome if this would be full text search. Tags right now aren’t, so you’ve got to type them exactly like you wrote them in the password file.

@kspearrin Any update on this? I was under the impression that tags were being worked on before folders, now folders have been implemented and we are still waiting on tags. Has this feature been dropped?


I noticed the same thing. I really want the tags to be implemented. The only update on this was pointed back to this forum so I don’t believe anything has been implemented yet. I would love to see this though.

Tagging would be super helpful. We manage many clients with many of the same note/login names and it would be awesome if we could tag them to easily identify them as belonging to a particular category.

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Agreeing. This is the one feature i miss from my previous app (

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As @kspearrin said in Sub-folders (nested folders) to organize vault it will be implemented as tag but when?

I would really love to have a kinda roadmap …

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This would be very useful. I would like to create “phone” and “address” tags in order to keep track of which accounts store my phone number and/or address. Right now I can add these keywords as notes, but it is less convenient than tags because you have to type out the word each time and make sure that you don’t misspell it.


This would be a nice and helpfull feature. In “1Password” I had more than one tags for some entries and after importing them to “Bitwarden” I have to decide which folder fits the most… :confused:

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+1 for this feature!

I’d like this feature to be implemented as well. As many others pointed out, tagging is superior to folder structure.


+1 from me - folders are too restrictive so this is a key feature

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+1 from me too.

Folders are to limited.
1 Item can be only in 1 folder… but
1 item can have more than 1 tag.

Very essential.
Even when some user don’t understand the pro’s of tagging.


+1 Why isn’t this already implemented? I have a significant amount of accounts that’d fit in multiple folders but there’s no way for me to do so atm.

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That would be a really helpful feature for those that have a lot of account for something specific, that are very useful in general too, would be a huge help for the person that like tags system!

+1 The company I work for would likely switch to this from 1Password if tags were included. Being able to tag items in 1Password is its killer app.

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Ok. Is there are RFP or anything for this? This should have been done years ago. I will implement it. Is there a “here’s what it should look like” or any kind of preliminary work on this? If not, let me know and I will start it.