🚧 Vault Item Labels (tagging items in vault - this functionality will replace folders in a future update)

Folders could potentially be created as smart folders that are based on tags. So anything under “Medical” is tagged medical. Folder is purged, but you have a “Smart Folder” that is only a UI layer of anything that is tagged “Medical”. It would also work for multiple tags, as well, I would think. I don’t know how it would be designed, however this has become a pretty mainstream approach recently to tagging.


As much as I look forward to this change, I’m a little worried about tags replacing folders. First, I expect tags to be many, and messy, so it wouldn’t be very practical to use them as folders. At the moment I have 4 folders and it’s easy to navigate my vault this way, but I expect to have many more tags. Ideally, I’d like to keep both folders and tags and have them work together. I also wonder how the transition will be made. I hope that the existing folders won’t just get deleted and at least get converted to tags.

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Rest assured they won’t be deleted! Folders is confusing for many users currently, and will be converted to tags that can be used to easily organize items in a similar way but with far more functionality.


Is this mean this feature is nearly completed and will be rolled out soon?

Hey Jason I don’t have an ETA but we will announce on our channels when more information is available, thanks for checking in :+1:

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