🚧 Vault Item Labels (tagging items in vault - this functionality will replace folders in a future update)

The only difference I see between folders and labels is that when you delete a label, you don’t delete the items with that label. But that’s already how folders work in Bitwarden. When you delete a folder, its contents aren’t deleted.

Tags, on the other hand, are useful because an item can have more than one tag, so that allows for more flexible categorization. I really like the tag idea.


Folder are less useful.
I don’t understand that’s tag’s are not being build in bitwarden.

That’s not rocket technology…!?


Hi Community Bitwarden

I improved the UI on the idea that you guys want. Visual quality is better, a little more realistic. Hope to help ;D

img 1

img 2


This very forum uses tags to help users navigate. But still no tags in the product itself :face_exhaling:


It is been 4 years of this request and they still didn’t do it. Thinking about migrating to 1Pass so I can use labels and organize better my passwords.


Hi all! Has this feature been implemented?

Thanks for checking in! There haven’t been any changes made to folders/tagging but it is on the team’s radar. This week’s update started a round of several UI refreshes, including the ability to filter vaults in the left sidebar, and to see which item’s belong to which vault in the right column. Stay tuned! :+1:


What exactlyy is “vault item labels” on your roadmap? Is it something like tags? I surely hope and if it is, that it’s one of highest priorities.

I’m considering trying something else out because with almost 500 passwords now tags or a similar way to organize things are a necessity. I don’t know why Bitwarden team doesn’t like this feature but it’s slowly becoming hopeless that it’ll appear before my password database becomes so huge that adding tags to it in 2023 or who knows when will be a nightmare.


Hey @Destroy666, yes this would assist with large collections. You can hear the team chat more on this functionality in the most recent Vault Hours. I’ll provide an update as soon as we have information to share!


Ok, thank you. I’m not sure I’ll be able to listen, but I assume it’s something like GitHub labels maybe? Or something different?

I suppose it’s like Gmail labels?

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Thanks all, we’ll share more info as it becomes available. You may also want to keep an eye on the User Research category for updates from the team.

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I’m not a software engineer/designer, but I always cringe when I see comments like these about application changes.

Yes! I find the label colors in Gmail to be a nice time-saver.


Hi Community Bitwarden!

Has this been implemented?

Not yet - you can tell by the little “construction” icon preceding the Topic title at the top of the page, as well as from the “roadmap:in-progress” tag at the top.

I am very much looking forward to this feature, however! Cheers.


ok - I’ve skimmed 10 of the comments at best - just want to put a vote in as someone who open to moving over to the open source bandwagon after being a long time user of 1Password.

I, like others above me, have also just signed up purely to put up my hand and vote for tags functionality like 1PW does it. I’m a current 1PW7 standalone/dropbox user who will not be moving to 1PW8. Currently evaluating other password managers including BW.
I think tags are an indispensable tool for organisation of data such as password management. Please make it happen.

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Hey @dwardo this one is already marked as roadmap:in-progress, thanks for your support!

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This is a great idea! It also would be great if there were some URI inspection on category, and they were auto-tagged, and any additional tags could be added, as well. Love idea of tagging, but remembering to tag or tag maintenance could become a hassle over long-term.


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Is there any estimate as to when this might come out, if I might ask? I saw it on Q2 2022 roadmap, but that was about planning it then, right?