Vault Health Dashboard in all Apps (like 1Password Watchtower)

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I was actually expecting to get this with premium: Items should be checked automatically and have a little indicator for weak, duplicated, compromised passwords. Data breaches should be announced via OS notification and a big red banner in every BW app.

I think the current browser-only manual reports are „nice to have“, but nothing more. The consistency of automated checks is far more beneficial than sporadic manual reports on the website. Especially for the ones that we are forcing to use BW (let’s call them family).

Here you can see what I was describing (1Password‘s Watchtower):
Edit (shows exactly what I mean): Use Watchtower to find passwords you need to change | 1Password

I second this especially for less tech savvy family members who I suspect would never check manually but if they get an alert they’d have a look.

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Trey Greer once said that such a feature would require the vault to be unlock or decrypted every time, which is not very safe. There probably might be a better way.

Once a day it could do while you have it open or provide a prompt to initiate it. I believe 1Password checks once a day but I don’t know how they have implemented it.

I don’t know how 1P does it, but like MONKiPASS says, checks could be done when the vault is unlocked. For data breaches maybe the service could have it‘s own (secure) database of just the sites in your vault, so it can work independently and warn you if need be.

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This would be great! If you are logged in and the vault is unlocked, in theory, it should be able to detect. As others say, once a day would be fine and it could be run as the vault unlocks.

Integrate a recurrent automatically checks for all the passwords in the vault to make sure that none of them has been in a data breach via Have I been pwned .

Feature name

Tools functionality in mobile app.

Feature function

Provide Report options from the mobile app, e.g. view exposed passwords, etc. Currently you have to be on a browser to do this. Most other password systems provide this within their app and it would be nice from here too.

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I third this. This should be a feature. Typing usernames for multiple usernames in the “Data breach report” is cumbersome.

Having a health check run in the (non web) apps when open would be great for instantly notifying users on if passwords need to be changed

I have friends that use 1password and Watchtower is the reason they picked 1password over Bitwarden. I agree this feature would go a long way towards matching 1password’s feature set.

Hello All,

Had an idea to extend the reporting functions of Bitwarden.

  • When a password has been found to be compromised by a recent leak it should be able to send you an email alert saying your password has been found to be compromised, so you can update it and avoid losing data etc ASAP.

  • Monthly or weekly reports on whether your passwords are weak, being reused or 2fa isn’t used on the account could also be sent out too, keeping you up to date on your security.

  • Adding on to this, passwords older than 3,6 or 12 months old could also be notified for organisations that need to keep them updated.

I would imagine this would be more of a premium feature rather than a free one since you’d be paying for the service.

Let me know what you guys think!

One more vote for the mobile app Reports (in the same manner as in a browser). We definitely need that, whether it’s automatic, or manual.