Vault CAPTCHA needs to be opt in

Feature name

  • captcha opt in

Being blockaded from your own password vault on your own computer by a CAPTCHA is unacceptable. A third party one at that. This feature should at best be opt in.

Thanks for the feedback, we understand the concern and are also balancing protection for users. we are continually looking at the best methods for security and convenience.

Using any privacy or ad-blocking extension that supports domain-level whitelisting (e.g. uBlock Origin) will work as expected: just make sure to whitelist

You miss the point. Letting a third party essentially be the gatekeeper between people and their passwords is wildly misguided; whatever the reasoning is. It is not Bitwarden’s place to take control of people security decisions. Unfortunately I’m going to be going from a paying customer to self hosting, assuming that gets rid of the CAPTCHAS; if not then to some password manager.


That’s correct, self-hosting allows you to indicate captcha settings per instance.