More useful "My Vault" Display / Easy Show Password

Good evening
Thank you very much for this great Software!

I have a small feature request:
If one uses the Website to manage Credentials, then the List information is very limited: it just displays the Name and the User Name. One often has to open each single record - even to just display the password. Therefore, I have this proposal:

  • Please allow us the call the most used 3 commands (show password, copy password and copy username) directly in the credentials list, each with just one click.
    Hiding the common commands behind the gear wheel is nice, but not very user-friendly because we can’t just click once: we have to open the context menu, navigate to the command and click it.
  • The Vault display Website ( ) has a lot of unused space and the most important information - a credential - uses just some pixels.
    It would be great if we could display additional Properties so that we must not open the Credentials details so often.
  • The most flexible way would be to allow to mark the fields in the Detail Dialog, which should be displayed in the Listing,
    but e.g. selecting between 3 predefined ‘Display Sets’ with additional Properties would be great, too.

Thanks a lot, kind regards,