Using Yubikey for TOTP

I really like the convenience to use the yubikey to create my totp, but the app for this method are aweful and not very useful. Also there is no auto copy/ or auto fetch feature. I would like to see a implementation that the totp’s are stored and generated on the yubikey and are fetched when needed. This is way more secure than the totp storage inside the vault which makes the two factor useless when the vault breakes.

Could you explain in more detail… your grammar is not very clear.

Sorry if my explanation was not the best, I was in a hurry writing it.

The yubikey provides a feature, that it can store totp secrets and generate the code, when needed. This can be done over usb (Desktop program) or over nfc with your android smartphone. My suggestion is that the devs could integrate the yubikeys totp application to provide a more secure way for your 2fa, so that you need the yubikey and the bitwarden application connects to it and fetches the totp for you and make it usable (currently it is not a very good solution with having a seperate application for your yubikey and one for bitwarden or only bitwarden). I suggest a integration from the yubikey authenticator into bitwarden to provide a more save way to get totp tokens.