Using xpath in custom fields

On this login page, the form looks like

<span id="theForm:userName">
    <input name="theForm:userName" .../>

and similar for the password field.

Bitwarden does not function here.

Using an xpath expression such as


could solve this.

So essentially using the custom fields already built into BitWarden, having the ability to select “input” as a type of custom fields, then typing the name of the input box, and what we want to input :face_with_monocle:

That’s pretty good! +1 from me, but where I do see this falling flat, is some devs/website designers are not as organized and streamlined as the majority, meaning that if you have a box let’s say the text says Input Name Here, that inputbox in HTML might not be named “Name” I’ve seen devs put numbers, or letters in place of the obvious title.

That would be very hard to combat, and could even lead to a security risk if not implemented correctly.