Using Organizations (& Collections)

I’ve shared records via Organization & a Collection, but its tricky to devise a system when the records no longer belong to me (original owner & admin of both Organization & Collection). So the only way to move a record back to my vault (and out of the Organization) is to export it, delete it from Org, then re-import that record.

I’m very careful not to cloud backup the directory that holds the temporary CSV file (for export/import) but I’m not keen managing the records outside of the app/vault where they are unencrypted. Not to mention the extra steps involved when it could just be drag/drop GUI or select a move operation in the gear wheel of a record (or folder).

It would be great to hear how owners are handling this (even for a family of 5, which is my situation).

What are you trying to accomplish?

I know you are trying to accomplish the goal by sharing a password then “unsharing” it… but rather than stating the method you think accomplishes the goal, why not just state the goal and maybe there is a way to accomplish the goal with the current Bitwarden without using CSV.

I’ve only begun to experiment with sharing records with family members.

One problem is that there’s no way for the owner to take a record OUT of an organization once you’ve put it in.

That’s the biggest roadblock right now as it’s very cumbersome process of export / import of CSV to not lose that record (only option is to delete it once it’s in an organization).

Basically I’d like to more freely be able to move the records around within collections & organizations.