Using Different URI Match Detections for Badges vs Logins in Browser Extensions

Feature name

  • Option to use different URI Match Detections for Badges vs Logins (as shown in the Tab tab of the browser extension).

Feature function

  • Allow badges to be shown only on login pages while still allowing easy access to logins in the extension.

In a recent update we got the option to disable the badge counter. Apparently a lot of people don’t like seeing the badges as they surf the web. However, having the badges displayed is a helpful visual to prevent phishing from look-alike sites. So many people have changed their login URI Match detection to “Host” or “Starts with” so that the badges are only shown on the login pages and not on other pages of a website. The downside to this is that if they ever do need to get information about that item it won’t be shown as a login in the “Tab” tab of the browser extension. Instead you will see the message “There are no logins available to auto-fill for the current browser tab” and will have to search for the login.

So the desired functionality is to have badges displayed on login pages of a website (but not on other pages) while still having the logins displayed on the “Tab” tab on any page of that website. I hope I’ve described the request clearly enough. Thanks!


I am doing it this way.

Wouldn’t it be much easier to just go to the login-page to avoid searching ?

I don’t understand what you mean by this. But my desired outcome would be to not have to search at all and instead have those logins shown automatically as “Logins” on the “Tab” tab when the browser is on that webpage (unless, of course, they were hidden by manually changing their URI Matching for that specific login item).

You would not have to search. Instead you just have to click onto the link to the login-page. Then Bitwarden immediately shows the item on the “Tab” tab.

Oh ok, now I’m understanding what you meant. You’re assuming that I haven’t yet logged in to the site but that’s not my use case at all. Usually I’ve already logged in to the site, I’m now browsing some other page on that site, and then the need arises for something in my login item. Perhaps I need to read a note, or custom field, or maybe I need to reconfirm the password but it won’t auto-fill, or I need something in an attachment. Who knows what but it happens fairly frequently that I need something in a login after I’m already logged in.

I would prefer to be able to leave (the majority of) my URI match settings as base domain so that they are still associated with the page that I’m currently browsing (and therefore also show up in “Tab”), but not have the badge shown on every page, just the login page. That’s the feature request. I’m looking for a way to either change the default matching that controls when badges are displayed or the default matching for when logins are displayed on the “Tab” tab. Whichever is easier to code and makes more sense. Right now they are tied together.

Sorry I wasn’t understanding before! Thanks for your input.