Using a clipboard manager while editing closes the editor

Hi folks,

I’m not sure if this is a bug or if this is something I can workaround, but I’ll explain and see how it goes.

I’m using Ditto, a clipboard manager, on Windows 10 with the Bitwarden browser extension in Chrome.

Sometimes I need to paste multiple things into Bitwarden, like occassionally it doesn’t detect a sign-in and I have to manually paste the username and password, or sometimes I want to paste some notes, or whatever.

So I open up Bitwarden, click edit, paste one thing, then bring up my clipboard manager to retrieve something I copied previously, but after selecting the new item to paste, Bitwarden will immediately close the editor, and none of my changes are saved.

I know Bitwarden doesn’t close the editor just because Chrome loses focus. And it doesn’t close just because I start pressing keys outside of any input, or if I press CTRL-V outside of any input. It closes only after I select something from Ditto, which should then paste that selected text where the cursor was.

Is this a bug with Bitwarden?

Should this be a feature request to force the editor window to stay open until I press save or cancel?

Does anybody have a workaround?



@pauljura Welcome to the forum!

The work-around is to use the pop-out button:


This opens the browser extension in a stand-alone window, which will not close until you explicitly close it by clicking the :x: in the upper right corner.

Thank you, that works!

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