UserVoice - Form is closed, not filled

I have some logins for UserVoice, where some projects collect feedback from the community.
You also find Microsoft there, they have several projects (Microsoft To Do, Microsoft To Do Beta,, Beta, Microsoft Spaces/Project Moca).

Here you need for every project a separate account (this is the reason why I have multiple accounts, so I added them manually to Bitwarden (in total 9 accounts).

When I open the “Microsoft To Do” project
and click on “Login” then the field “Email address” is shown.
When I click the Bitwarden icon (browser extension) and select the entry, that should be used, then the field is not filled, it is closed.

This is not the fault of Bitwarden, this is the behaviour of the website.
But is there anything that Bitwarden can do?

In the past I was using KeePass AutoType feature to log in here:


This sequence worked and kept the fields opened.
Maybe this information helps.