User is receiving invalid TOTPs, even though authentication key is correct

Hi all -

A user in my organisation is having trouble using a shared log in (Zoom) with TOTP.

They have read only access to this credential.

The 6 digit code that they are shown is always different from the one shown in my BW vault (both in browser and chrome extension).

I have no issue accessing this Zoom account through BW, and I have verified that the users authentication key for this account matched mine (it is in a shared collection).

Any thoughts? It seems as if their account’s TOTP clock is “out of sync”

Hey Chris, it indeed sounds like their device time is out of sync. I would just ask them to verify their date + time settings :+1:

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Thanks dwbit - unfortunately the user has just synchronised their windows clock and is still having this issue.

Just to confirm, you are both accessing a shared vault item via collection and not two separate vault items?

Correct, it is a shared item

If device time is correct, they can reach out to Bitwarden support here for additional troubleshooting help.

Let the user also take a look at the time zone.

Hi all - the user can now access the “correct” TOTP - it may have just taken some time for the clock sync to take effect. The joys of remote support, huh?

Thanks for your help!