User Choice for PIN on relogin

Hey thanks for Bitwarden, but I and many other uses would love the “choice” to set the Pin login length, after the BW app closes after a “set” time.

This would be excellent, as “user’s” choice, rather then the quasi-secure “4 Digit” pin used now, in most all “security” apps, after they timed out, for relogin pins.

Yes, a 4 Digit Pin is somewhat more secure than none, but can be hacked in 20 Seconds, if someone finds your Android or IPhone.

So why not just allow the “users” to set their own amount of Digits… as I’d choose at least 8.
And since I use 8 (and above) in another secured app, I usually, do a memorize of the Digits for a few days and after I memorize them, I set the digits in the app! No fuss, no more, with real security!

So…How about allowing the “users” choice?

Well thank for Bitwarden!