Use with Firefox - access vault settings

I use BW in Firefox via the extension. I do not have the desktop client installed.

I also don’t have, or want, the extension icon on my toolbar, and while I can still use Ctrl-Shift-L to autofill passwords, Ctrl-Shit-Y does not open the vault/settings unless the icon is on the toolbar.

Is there any way to access the vault/settings locally without having the icon on the toolbar?

You could pin it to the overflow menu - it’s still technically on your toolbar, but you won’t see the icon. And the keyboard shortcuts will continue to work.

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Good idea, but I don’t want it there at all. I’ll have to live with adding it when needed and then removing it.

Any particular reason?

Laziness! I leave Bitwarden logged in as I run my broswer sandboxed with auto-clear on close, so would otherwise be logging in a lot. If it is not in the toolbar, then on first sight there is nothing to indicate its existence.

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