Use right-click as an easy non-technical method to enter a value for a web field ID into Bitwarden

Easy non-technical method to enter a field ID

The current method to enter a field ID into Bitwarden is hardly user-friendly, and is cumbersome. I’m considering purchasing the Family Organisation plan for me and my children, and I know that my children would absolutely recoil from HTML. (I’m lucky in that I used to know HTML, not well enough to program web pages, but well enough to understand your instructions.)

Use right-click to identify a field and prompt for a value

At the moment, using Chrome with your Chrome extension provides a right-click mini-menu for Bitwarden. It gives a few options.

I would like to see a new option: Add custom text for field [fieldname].

For example, I recently dealt with a form whose username field ID is pf. So, the menu option for that field would read, Add custom text for field "pf"

On selecting this new option, Bitwarden would display a dialogue to prompt for a value; and then enter this custom field into the relevant Bitwarden entry on your behalf.

It could be made semi-intelligent. For example, I struggled to figure out what value was legal in a specific Month field (it turned out to be a number 1–12 even though it’s displayed as a full name). The dialogue could warn you if you enter an incorrect value.

Of course, this would only work if Bitwarden has identified a suitable entry. If it couldn’t identify one, the option would just read Field ID "pf" (or whatever the field name is); selecting the option wouldn’t do anything.

This would enable non-technical people to use this function. (I’m thinking of my children, father, and friends, all of whom would find mention of HTML akin to talking about Klingon if you’ve never seen Star Trek.)

Thank you