Use other database than MSSQL

I would be interested in using Bitwarden if it could be hosted on an ARM-based Raspberry Pi! I know .NET Core runs on ARM, but the 2GB requirement for Microsoft SQL Server is pretty steep, and the RPi can’t handle that.

If you absolutely must run it on an ARM system, then you should take a look at bitwarden rs (rust-based) instead. But in best of worlds, official Bitwarden with a sqlite or the likes database for resource-limited systems would be preferred.


I’m self hosting Bitwarden Premium subscriber and absolutely love the software. Have been starting to experiment with rust version after discovering that MSSQL alone requires minimum 2GB of RAM, unfortunately for me this is absolutely ridiculous.
There could be at least option to configure alternative.

Note that there is some work in progress with PostgreSQL.


Any updates to this topic?

It’s high priority item on our backlog which was reviewed and prioritized recently, but it’s not being developed actively at the moment.

@tgreer Is it possible to implement support in the next 2 Months? I need it for a business deployment(~500 Users).

any progress? Is there an issue which one can track?

Not at this time. We’re focusing on items on the roadmap for the rest of the year and early Q1.

It’s a real shame that this open source tool uses a proprietary database.

Is there an issue we can follow to track support for MariaDB or PostgreSQL?

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Any update? PostgreSQL support and migration

Very soon, in testing now actually. Stay tuned!


@tgreer Does this mean we could also run Bitwarden Server on a Raspberry Pi? :slight_smile:

I think we are getting closer to that :slight_smile:

We’ll have more details as we go, I’m not sure if there are any other items that may prevent a pi-install at the moment :metal:

When will postgresql be supported?


Any update? support pogresql or mariadb

Hi @Hisasasa!

The ability to use other databases is currently available, but was in alpha status based on my most recent knowledge.

@dwbit may have more information though :slight_smile:

Hi Community!

1. Initial Premise/ Fact/Opinion/ Context

  1. (Initial Premise) If Bitwarden has a built-in orm this would be possible - it would be possible to configure any type of database - which could make it easier to migrate data to various types of database as well. Part of the Bitwarden code is written in Javascript, using an orm can allow greater support for various database types.
  2. (Fact) There are orms that allow you to configure certain databases, example: Typeorm, Sequelize, Marvel, Prisma … etc.
  3. (Opinion) I recommend Sequelize or Typeorm- which are better orms for Nodejs. If I need to have more freedom to manage the data, like migrating the data to another database, I really like the typeorm I think it’s easier to configure. A good part of some projects that I develop I use a lot of typeorm. So, the best in my opinion would be Typeormbecause of my development experience. But there are several orms, whichever is easier for you guys may be better than the typeorm would be. I use Typeorm a lot, but there are things like Sequelize, Prisma - those are just as good as Typeorm.
  4. (Context) I mentioned orms because it is very common in Nodejs applications. Part of browser code, web, desktop, cli - it’s done in js - So, this can be used in that case.

2. Other Fact/Other initial and final premises/Opinion/ Context

  1. (Fact) Here is talking about having another database, the idea of ​​orm would be invalid.
  2. (Initial Premise) I believe if you guys don’t like orm - an interesting alternative would be to use something like Postgresql and Mongodb.
  3. (Opinion/Context)
    • A more accessible database I think would be mongodb for passwords - because it’s a main database for this purpose which is: managing unstructured data. Passwords in my view are unstructured data, it would make more sense to manage unstructured data with the unstructured database as Mongodb. Most of the passwords could be json documents.
    • If we are talking about structuring the business model, Postgresql seems to be very versatile. In terms of managing business models, Postgresql would be best. It is open source and has great features. In my opinion the best would be Mongodb+Postgresql ;D

3. Summary - what can we do

This request could be resolved as follows:

  1. Can be resolved via orm: Typeorm, Sequelize, Prisma or other orm of interest to the Bitwarden community. As I said earlier, I have experience with Typeorm. Sequelize, Prisma - I’ve used it on something, but not as much as Typeorm.
  2. We can use Mongodb and/or Postgresql.

5. Fact references or bibliographic source

6. Notes

Hope to help

Hi @Hisasasa and thanks for checking in! The team is still exploring this functionality, and I’ll be sure to update this thread when new information is available.

Have a look at Babelfish support - Feature Requests - Bitwarden Community Forums where we can use Postgres with existing TSQL infrastructure