Use Bitwarden on new M1 iMac and Safari

I want to set up BWarden on my new M1 iMac. I currently use it on my old iMac and my iPad. How do I go about setting it up on my new machine and closing it out on my old machine. I do not self host. I hope this makes sense as I am in no way ‘tech savvy’!
Many thanks

Hey there! Simply download Bitwarden to your new device :slight_smile:

Many thanks. I guess as I am not self hosting my data is all on BW server and there is nothing to do on the old machine. The new install with the right pass word will just pull the data from the cloud, correct?
Cheers and thanks for swift reply dwbit

That is exactly right :slight_smile: If you are depreciating the old machine, just take care to log out and remove any sensitive data, or reformat the machine. You can also turn on file vault to encrypt the hard drive.

Many thanks…… :+1: