URL matching/filtering on iOS App Extension

For work, I have a huge amount of login-credentials for a certain domain. I use url-matching rules to filter those credentials which works very well in the browser extension. However, on iOS (in Safari), pulling up one of the login-pages and clicking the key symbol, gives me an unfiltered list that doesn’t seem to respect my url matching rules. Scrolling all the way down and selecting “Bitwarden” gives me a filtered list. Clicking the share icon and selecting Bitwarden, gives me an unfiltered list as well. So I guess my question is: why isn’t the list the appears when clicking the key icon filtered by my url matching rules?

For illustration, here are two screenshots:
Clicked the key-symbol:

Clicked “Bitwarden” from the list brought up by the key symbol:

Welcome, @mannih!

I’m sure this has to do with the differences between the app vs. app extension.

I’ve renamed the thread and made it a feature request, just so we can capture it. Not sure if the extension APIs are a limiting factor, etc - but it’s a good thing to look into!

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