URI/URL links to custom apps/desktop apps with parameters

Dear all,
I’ve been using bitwarden for a couple of months now and I really hope the suggesting features below could be implemented soon. Please let me know your opinions to make these features useful for all users.

URL links to custom desktop apps with parameters
This feature is part of KeePass as in the screenshot below:

You can see that the URI stores the link to desktop app (notepad.exe in this example), the username and password will be copied from fields username and password. When you double click on this URL it will execute the command - open the link - with the parameters for you.
This will be very useful in case you have some apps which receive the input arguments/parameters.

This feature is not working on bitwarden at the moment:

  1. URI will not show as a link for execution if not starting with HTTP => cannot execute on Double click
  2. Field value not passed to the parameters

Hope it will be available soon.
Thanks & best regards,