Upgrading to Premium

When I look at the side-by-side comparison between the free & premium personal accounts, it doesn’t say anything about file attachments (https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZHAbM7ZdVEfX2JqCsjqHJTDz5COhX5FfpJX) but then when I find that feature in the help section, it says a premium account is required. This is an important feature for me but not sure if by itself it warrants the upgrade…thing is, what other ‘features’ are included with the premium account that are hidden? Is this just a poor sales job?

It’s the very first listed bullet point in your screenshot.

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Ohhhh, I see - so the assumption there is that the text-based notes take up 0kb, so 1GB must refer to attachments. I get it. Yeah, poor sales job! Thanks for pointing that out.

I understood it fine

I also had no problems understanding it.

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It was not clear to me either. I guess it is OK to be vague as long as some people happen to guess it right.

It’s also ok to not understand something. Don’t get me wrong. It was just the way the person kept going back to “bad sales pitch” that made me comment.

It’s just that I probably see stuff like this from a different perspective than many because I put stuff like this together for websites myself for work. When listing compelling reasons to pay for a product…especially when comparing with a ‘free’ version that is going to be adequate for most users - you want to make the reasons the viewer should reach for their wallet crystal clear & as compelling as possible. The ability to include file attachments is important to many & it just makes the most sense to leave as little room for confusion as possible. I’d speculate that the list in question was crafted by a developer, not someone in sales/marketing, a common occurrence especially when dealing with an open source platform like this one that probably doesn’t have a budget for such luxuries…kind of a chicken vs. egg problem I see quite often.

While it might be cost-prohibitive in terms of development (can’t say for sure without seeing under the hood), I’d recommend including an upgrade prompt in all notes that had an attachment at one point. When I imported all of my notes from LastPass, the ones with attachments were included, but their attachments just didn’t make it. If I were developing the decision tree with all of the potential paths to funnel the user into a transaction, I’d also want to include an upgrade message/link in each of those notes as well.

I’m also closely evaluating the entire BitWarden experience to see if it makes sense for me to recommend the ‘Enterprise’ version for a client…the user base would be the least-computer savvy group imaginable, folks who put their passwords on sticky notes if they can’t use ‘password123’ or constantly forget them & then repeatedly get locked out of essential systems.

Your attachments were not imported from LastPass because LastPass does not export them.