Updating organisation license

hi all,

i just want to know that if i have already made an organistion and added items to the vault, if i update it (see pic) will it delete the items in the vault or will they be still there



Good question! Your data will still be there :slight_smile:

thanks tgreer!!!

i know the expire date says 2121 but if it says 2021

also what if the org json file is a new “license key” “id” but the same “installation id”, this is because its a new bitwarden server but in my “global.override.env” i have put back my installation id and key and just copied over my “bwdata” dir to the new server


ok i see if i log in the admin portal i see the “id” of the org, so i imagine in the json file i change the “id” to be the same as that?

I’m not quite sure I follow - it seems you have installed a new Bitwarden instance and are trying to move over /bwdata/ from a prior install?

What error are you seeing?

i was doing something stupid, i didnt transfer/copy the org keys/certs over so now everything is ok