Updating KDF Iterations / Encryption Key Settings

Hi all,

Attempting to update the KDF iteration number as suggested and saw it stated that “You will need to log back in and complete two-step login setup.”

Does this mean that I’ll have to create a new password and reprogram my yubikeys?

Is there anything else important to consider before doing this?

Thanks in advance!

This notice is poorly worded and misleading. You will need to log back in, but your current 2FA set-up will not be affected by a change in the KDF settings.


To be safe, always make a vault backup (e.g., a password-protected JSON export) before making changes to the account security settings. In addition, grab the 2FA Recovery Code if you do not already have it written down.


Thanks again for the reply.

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This is time sensitive for me and I would really appreciate your insight.