Updates to the Help Center

Today, we’re moving the Help Center to a new modern tech stack which will make it fast and easy for our rapidly growing team to collaborate on and publish updates to the website! The main changes you’ll see to the site are:

  • Faster load times for articles!
  • A sleeker finish, with more updates to come!
  • Improved search functionality and tighter integration with the main website!
  • An easier way to make suggestions (see the screenshot below)!

All these new and improved aspects of the Help Center are enabled directly by the updated infrastructure. Going forward, the suggested method for improvements and edits should be through the Make A Suggestion button that will be easy to use and accessible to anyone. We plan to keep the GitHub repo open for some time, but interactions there will be mostly a formality from now on.

If you’re someone who has collaborated on the Help Center by opening issues and pull requests, let me say first thank you and second keep the contributions coming! Your contributions, large and small, have made and will continue to make all the difference in the world.

Thanks again for continuing this journey with us and Happy Helping!

Bitwarden Customer Success & Documentation

Congratulations on the updated help center. The user interface looks great.

One potential issue, though - and this is a big one. How do you search the help documents? That’s really important for anyone who is trying to find an answer when they have a question.

I see that the search icon in the menu does not return hits to help pages. Is there some other method that I am missing? (hope so)

Hi David, the search button up top is now a singular website/help search engine that will segment results by section. If there is something you searched for that did not return results well, let us know. There are many ways for us to optimize the new search

Strange. When I tried it at the time I posted my message above, only blog results were being returned. Even with very basic searches (e.g., help topic titles), nothing was returned.

But it seems to be working now. I can see returns from the help pages, blog pages, and generic “pages”. Thanks!

Hi again @go12 (Gary),

I have noticed that the search seems to work intermittently, often not returning any results for items that I know are indexed. But after leaving my browser open, I realize that it is actually just a lot of lag. The website sometimes takes 10 - 20 seconds to perform a search and return a result.

I am not sure how the search engine works on your site, but is there any way to increase the compute resources for searches?

thanks for letting us know @dh024! we will take a closer look

White the new site does look nice, the lack of a GitHub repo means that we’re no longer able to see changes to individual pages. We create our internal documentation based on the documentation on the Help site, so it was convenient to periodically go through the repo to see what’s changed to update our documentation. Now, there doesn’t appear to be a way to do this. Moving forward, are there plans to implement a method for identifying updates/changes to individual articles?

Hi Jordan, Thank you for this feedback. Per the community announcement about the new help infrastructure Updates to the Help Center we are aware of this and we do get a significant number of improvements with the new infrastructure. We are looking into ways we can include this functionality as well.

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