Update on migrations for former MYKI users

This is great! I’ll give it a try and see if they work.

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It’s been working like a charm! Is there a convention for bank accounts?

Thanks so much.

HI @karenc843,

I’m happy to hear everything worked :slight_smile: I’ve asked someone from Product Management to have a look into the format of bank accounts in Myki.

I’ll post here/update my post above, once I have more info.

Hi @karenc843,

just checked in and there is no special export for bank accounts. The items I found were part of the IdCard.csv export and should work, after changing the columns, as described above.

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Hi-I also am migrating from Myki. I imported my data but only the user id/pw and url is showing. I also want to import notes. I downloaded a csv file from Windows on my laptop. Is that possible? Thanks.

Hi @SportyVegan and welcome to the community.

The notes are in a separate file (Note.csv). Exporting from Myki should produce multiple *.csv files, which you’ll need to import one by one.

Here is a link to the Myki help describing the export procedure for Windows.

The import procedure using the Bitwarden web vault is outlined at the top of this thread.

I hope this helps.

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