Update from to Version 2022.8.1 to Version 2022.10.0

When I Update from to Version 2022.8.1 to Version 2022.10.0. The Database is restarted and restarted again.
The Log says wrong password for Database.
Now I have recover the Version 2022.8.1 .

Can everbody help me.?

Whatever app or extension you are using: Uninstall it, restart your computer, download the latest version and re-install it.

Thats really the newest Version

I have istall the newest Version on a fresh Server - and the same problem.
The database don’t start

I was not doubting that you did not update to the latest version. I just want to make sure that you follow those steps mentioned above so that you can “start from scratch”.

I have make a fresh install on VM Box - here ist all running. No Error by starting Database.

In the next step I have install it on TrueNAS Virtual Machine - the same manual , the the same steps.
And on this way , I have again the Err. message that the Database will not start.

I have no answer for that.

What are the hardware specs for your machine, particularly the CPU type?

Serverhardware: Intel(R) Core™ i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz , 64 GB Ram
VM: 2 Virt CPUs / 2 virt Cores / 1 Treads / 8 GBRam 120GB HDD

the thing is I have another Bitwarden instance too on this Server (V.2022.8.1) and when I this Update I have the same problem.

Not necessarily related to the issue above but perhaps still worth to be mentioned:

You think it’s possible that my problem will be fixed with the next version?

I cannot tell as I do not self host. My idea is that you perhaps should make sure to have the latest version of all components.

It will probably take a while until the new release. Or?

Hey @Bastian feel free to reach out to the official support team at bitwarden.com/contact