Unsafe calculation of the Vault Timeout

It seems that the Vault Timeout just counts down a timer.

This leads to the problem that when I put the computer into hibernation or standby the timer seems to freeze. This is a high security risk for me personally and makes the timer function useless for me.

Therefore the timer should be based on the time of the device instead. Or calculate from which time the Vault should be locked, so that a possible time in standby can be counted.

How do you want to catch time changes on the device like for example in the BIOS ?

I would prefer to have several possibilities for the timeout and to be able to mix them.
Like a time period AND when the system is blocked or user logged out or system goes to hibernation.

How does the timer work if I change the time? Could an attacker just turn the BIOS clock back to avoid a lock of the vault?