Unlock with Windows Hello option not appearing

I’m trying to set up biometrics with the Windows Desktop version of bitwarden. In the settings, the “Unlock with Windows Hello” option is not visible. Any thoughts?

Note: Your question may already be answered in the Bitwarden Help Center.

I got my desktop version from


It works fine.

Thanks, ThomasB, but downloading and using the Desktop Version is not a problem. I am trying to activate the biometrics.
In the settings, there is a box and text “Unlock with Pin” but there is no box and text for “Unlock with Windows Hello”. Screenshot below.
Windows Hello is active and working on my laptop. I have logged in and out of Bitwarden. I have restarted the computer.

You may need to install the C++ redistributable packages:


I use Windows Hello biometric unlock myself. I posted that link because the Windows Store version doesn’t provide that functionality yet, and I thought that might be the issue. Maybe Trey has the right answer for you. Please let us know.


Bitwarden with Windows Hello was working on my laptop until today when I reinstalled Windows. I am using Windows Hello with my fingerprint reader to sign in to Windows, but the option is no longer there on the Bitwarden desktop application. Until I reinstalled Windows, that option was on the Bitwarden desktop application. Which C++ redistributable package do I install? I did read the Bitwarden help on biometrics, but I’m lost on what package I should be downloading/installing. Any ideas?

I downloaded the one that says:

x64: vc_redist.x64.exe

Install + reboot solved this problem for me.

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x64: vc_redist.x64.exe worked for me also just now.

I’ve installed vc_redist.x64.exe but still don’t have the Unlock with Windows Hello… any ideas? I’m running the following Bitwarden Desktop:
Version 1.27.0
Shell 11.4.5
Renderer 87.0.4280.141
Node 12.18.3
Architecture x64

Tried a reboot?

I have. I’ve also tried reinstalling Bitwarden Desktop afterwards but no dice.