Unlock with Device

Bitwarden already has a feature called “Log in with device”. What I am proposing is identical functionality but for unlocking your vault. This would provide a great alternative to manually typing in master password/pin and where biometric unlocks are unavailable - not every desktop machine has a camera or fingerprint reader, but most people will have their phone easily accessible at all times.

  • Similar to “Log in with device” feature, provide an “Unlock with device” button under the empty Master Password field.

  • To make things smoother, add a “Default unlock method” option in the app/extension settings where you can choose e.g. “Unlock with device” or “Master Password”. With “Unlock with device” option selected pressing a keyboard shortcut to auto-fill a password when the vault is locked would automatically send an unlock push notification request to a mobile device that is authorized to approve unlock requests.

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I have faced the unlock screen and noted that it is easier to log out then log back in again rather than unlock which just seems wrong.


Agreed, not sure if its an oversight or hasn’t been implemented on purpose but it is needed.

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