Unlock with biometric data

hi, I have activated the unlock with biometric data option (obviously also installing the program on Windows desktop)

But I can’t understand this thing which seems quite annoying to me as an operation to do every time.

when I want to unlock bitwarden on a browser with biometric data every time it asks me to confirm (Check browser connection) and I have to click Approve every time always why?
and then afterwards it asks me for the digital import and then accesses the account.

This thing of clicking always approves and very annoying and is it possible to remove it? or register it once and make it clear that that browser is secure and should only ask me for the digital fingerprint? without asking each time to check browser connection.

Thank you

Welcome to the forum!

In your desktop app setting (ctrl-comma), if “Require verification for browser integration” is on, turn that off, restart the app and the browser, and try it again. Hope it works for you.

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