Unlock Web-Vault with Finger-Print on Phone

I have an Android device and I can unlock Bitwarden on Android via the finger-print sensor on my device.
When I have the Bitwarden web-vault opened then I set up that it should automatically lock every 15 minutes.

Now it would be cool when I can unlock the web-vault via the finger-print sensor on my phone.
Same for the Desktop-App.

@OLLI_S, please check here:

@kspearrin wrote in the topic (that @K0media mentioned):

It may be possible, but I do not know enough about whatever technologies that method of unlocking may be using.

But that topic is in “User-to-User-Support” and has the text “[SOLVED]” in the caption.
So maybe we leave this topic here opened as official feature request?

That was intentional. I preferred to keep it there just in case. As Kyle mentioned there, I guess this is a feature that’s not going to happen any time soon. =/

But let’s leave this here in case someone want to support the idea.

Hi, it was nice to use Bitwarden, recently I want to use fingerprint to unlock Bitwarden too. since the master password must come from somewhere. Do you have any idea of where should safely be stored on the phone?

My Idea (I’m don’t know enough about security) :

  • Store the master password in binary
  • Decrypt the binary
  • Use the binary to unlock the phone when fingerprint match

What do you think? If that safe I may dig the mobile code, and try

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