Unlock vault with biometrics *and* PIN together

Feature name

  • Unlock mobile app vault with biometrics and PIN together

Feature function

  • The mobile app vault can currently be unlocked with biometrics or a PIN. This feature would add an option in the settings to require both biometrics and a PIN to unlock the vault, instead of only one or the other.
  • This feature would bring greater security to the mobile app with only a slight increase in inconvenience. This would theoretically improve security in situations such as: phone being stolen, crossing an international border, attacker shoulder-surfing in public. The combination helps reduce the mutually exclusive weaknesses of biometrics and PINs.
  • This option could be accessed in Settings>Security after the “Unlock with [biometrics]” and “Unlock with PIN Code” options, with the vault timeout options working in the same way.

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