"Unknown" User Logged In

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Hi All,

In our enterprise BW, in Event Logs, I so happen to stumble upon a Logged in event from an “Unknown” user within a span of a few minutes. It appears to be successful as well.

Unknown login

My permissions does not allow me to view users in our org and unfortunately our admin is out. I’m leaning towards something suspicious here but wanted to get some opinions before red flags are raised.

What are your thoughts on this?

Is the “Unknown” label perhaps due to the fact that you do not have privileges to view users? Maybe someone with more experience can chime in to confirm.

Alternatively, you might try logging out and logging in yourself, then check the log to see if it reveals your name. If your login session comes up as Unknown, then you probably have nothing to worry about.


I can confirm that I do see my user name when logging in. I can also confirm I can see other user activity and it does display their names.

Well, I guess that’s not it then. Sorry - worth a shot. Hopefully someone else here has encountered the issue and can chime in.

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