Universal Login Password

Could you please add an option for an universal password, eg to identity tab? Thanks.

I use the same username/password on ~50% webpages and I do not want to create an entry for each single one to clutter it pointlessly. Thus far I use bitwarden to fill in the username and then I have to type the password myself. I use something like Password123 for one-time webpages.

This is very bad practice. All it takes is for one of those sites to be breached and the attacker has your login credentials to all the others.


At least 3 sites, where I use it were breached (haveibeenpwned) and my credentials stolen and they were never abused, because they are utterly useless, even for hackers. If I could not login, I would simply create another account. There are passwords and there are passwords. Whenever I can, I use 128 characters long passwords, on the side note paypal allows only 20, so not everyone takes the password policy very seriously.

You’re using a password manager. Why would you not just allow Bitwarden to generate a secure password for each site instead of reusing the same one?


I agree with Dan.

But if you really just want to recycle the same username and password on a bunch of sites, Bitwarden can already do this. Just create one entry for your “universal login” and simply copy and paste the login url to each site in the URIs section.


I can type 123456 faster then copy/paste it after going through the menu.
It would be great to have it available like the username (2 clicks to autofill).
There is no point in saving them, since I will probably never visit them again.
It was just an idea, to enable it as a “default” password for junk webpages.

I already have it in the Identity Tab. :slight_smile: https://i.postimg.cc/SxDvYx27/0.jpg

P.S. OK, because of webpages sharing leaked passwords, I can not longer use the same password everywhere, so I have changed my password policy, I use URL instead, it is easy copy/paste. I am sharing it in case some are interested. Basically like:

Username: TairikuOkami
Password: community.bitwarden.com

This sounds like some kind of joke/prank…

How can you use a password manager and not use it at the same time? How can you even remotely consider re-using a password when the password manager already remembers every password for you? How are you so lazy that you copy the URL instead of the random generated password. It’s like you bought a car only to push it around instead of driving it.

Also, random generated passwords with 40? (don’t remember exactly, but it’s something like that) characters or more don’t add any more security. That’s because the password becomes stronger than the encryption itself. In other words, 128 character password is as secure as 40 (this applies to random generated passwords)


That is not as fast as just pressing Ctrl + Shift + L to use unique credentials from your Bitwarden account.

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At least that did not work:

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