Understanding and simplifying

Started using BW a few years ago and need to come back and wrap my head around what I’ve created. I am particularly concerned with perhaps simplifying my config for the benefit of my non-technical wife in the event of my demise.

I have one organization, with two email accounts - one for myself and one for my wife. When logged on to my account at btiwarden.com, I see two ‘collections’ - ‘default’ and ‘myfamily’, and one ‘organization’. When selected ‘default’ org, I see all of my entries. When selected ‘myfamily’, there are no entries. When I select the listed organization, the ‘collection’ list adds an entry for ‘unassiagned’, But again only the ‘default’ collection shows entries.

If I log on to bitwarden.com with my wife’s email/userid, I see the same, and the main listing includes items she has created but not shared.

I think I would like to ‘flatten’ everything under a single account that she and I would share. One thing I don’t understand about how that would work (let alone getting there) is that when we unlock the BW extenstion in Firefox, it only prompts for master pswd. If I enter her pswd on my computer, it is rejected; likewise using my pswd on her computer is rejected. I don’t see where in the config that the username/email is entered or recorded to match up with the master pswd being entered.

You might want to take a look at this: Emergency Access | Bitwarden Help & Support

May not be the perfect solution but that is what my wife and I are doing and it is working fine. And just in case that I win the lottery and I am on the run: I have a weekly updated backup…

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Peter_H - thanks for the response. Looks like the ‘emergency access’ requires not only a third party with a BW account, but that I have one of the ‘upgraded’ accounts. I think I have the ‘free organization’ account.

I think I have figured out my solution. First, I found the ‘logoff/logon’. That wasn’t immediately apparent, because when we first open the BW plugin (after starting FF) it just prompted for master password. Having found the logoff, I now know how my wife can both log on with the same credentials.

The second part of the problem is getting the items that she has created copied into “my” account, so that when she logs on with my credentials she will see her items. Looks like I can do that by exporting from her account and importing into mine. Once that is successful, we could just drop her account and both of us use the same credentials.

Only question then (unless I’m missing something) is how to prevent importing a bunch of duplicates that result from my having ‘shared’ items to her vault.

What you could do - if there are not too many items - open up the file that contains the exported items and remove the ones you already have manually then save it under a different name. Finally import the data from the file you worked on.

Ok, I see where it can import a BW-exported csv file, so manually editing it to remove what would be duplicate entries will be easy enough.

One last question. Will importing this export file overlay the repository it is being imported into, or simply add to it? Of course, by requirement would be that it simply add to it. I’d hate to import 5 entries and have that blow away the 100+ items I already have, leaving me with just the 5 that were imported. Of course, I guess I could also export my repository first, just to have a backup of it.

New imports are added. So look out not to end up with lots of duplicates.