Unable to unlock browser extension through SSO

We have implemented SSO for Bitwarden, and so far, it runs as expected. However, I am unable to unlock the browser extension when logging in through SSO. This happens in Firefox and Chrome.

What happens is that the page where the organization has to be entered opens, and after entering the organization, a few redirects happen, and I’m back to where I have to enter my organization. Afterwards, I can authenticate, but the browser extension stays locked.

What can I do?

We saw that issue in some testing but it is resolved with the latest updates.

If you’re self hosting, a quick update should fix it.

We’re not self hosting; we’re using a cloud account, so I have to assume that we’re on the newest update.

What could I do to rectify this? Is it possible that I have an error in my settings either on the Azure SAML connector or Bitwarden? I’ve done extensive testing and can’t see any way to make it work.

There’s also an e-mail I sent to support where I am still waiting for a reply. Perhaps you could have a look?

EDIT: I forgot to mention that we’re using Azure to authenticate against.

Thanks for the great information that you’ve provided support - they’re looking into it actively, and will reach out with any updates/instructions ASAP.

I wish I could say this was an issue we have archival knowledge of, but, it seems to be a fresh SAML adventure :cowboy_hat_face: