Unable to undo "Never Remeber this website"

Hello. Does anyone know how to undo the “Never Remember for this website” for a specific website? I pressed it once by mistake and now Bitwarden doesn’t prompt to save credentials when I make a new account.

On the website open Bitwarden and make a new entry manually. The URI and name will be filled in automatically.

Currently there is no way to undo a “Never Remember for This Site” option nor is there a way to see the list, unfortunately.

There is a feature request for this that has been kicking around for a few years now at Ability to manage "Never for this website" domains

Although I personally consider this a “feature incomplete” and thus more of a bug than a feature request, which makes having to vote for it a tad disheartening. It seems half baked to have implemented exclusion via the GUI but not a reasonably similar way to remove the exclusion. Anyway, please vote for this “feature” if it’s something you want to see fixed.

Hi @forumer, I actually have a pull request here which will add this feature. This has been a reminder for me to go finish it, which I will do shortly :wink:

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Hi @eliykat - I did see your PR, referenced at the bottom of the FR. Part of my commenting here was to simply complete the chain of reference (Support-FR-PR). The other part was to have people vote for the feature, with the thinking that your PR might not currently be a high priority item for inclusion (there are a lot of FRs with many more votes). I consciously tried to avoid getting into the PR here. Anyway, thanks for the effort. Hopefully your contribution can make its way into release soon. I still would encourage people to vote for the FR until it does.

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All good! It’s being actively worked on, I’ve missed the window for the upcoming release, but I assume it’ll be in the release after that. :slight_smile:

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