Unable to show me the real-ip in the account access emails

It may be a bug but here are the following initial details

  1. Self-Hosted
  2. Installed Version: 2023.4.3
    Problem: Receiving emails indicating that my account was accessed alows shows the docker containers IP. Updating the config.yaml file to identify real_ips for nginx i have added the following ranges

# Defined as a dictionary, e.g.:
# real_ips: ['', '']

A rebuild and start and this doesnt work. There is probably something else missing but there is no documentation for this. I have ran a pcap on my Reverse proxy and confirmed that it is passing XFF header.Reviewing the nginx access.log i do see my real-IP in there. So its definitely making it to the nginx container but for some reason the docker IP keeps showing up in the emails.