Unable to login with SSO from Bitwarden iOS app

Our organization’s users are not able to sign in using SSO from the Bitwarden for iOS app. Our organization has the option turned on to require SSO to sign in.

From the Bitwarden for iOS app, I choose the SSO option and then I enter my organization identifier. I am properly forwarded to my identity provider to sign in/authenticate. After doing so, the Bitwarden app throws an error “An error has occurred. Currently unable to login with SSO.”

In trying to troubleshoot, with a non-admin user account, I attempted to sign in without SSO and got the expected message of “An error has occurred. SSO authentication is required.”

Since I am an admin, I can get in through using the regular login option, however ours users, who are not admins, do not have the ability to use this workaround.

Appreciate the help in advance!

Hi @bwuser904!

Sounds like this is time sensitive, I’d highly recommend contacting our CS team so they can help troubleshoot (if you haven’t already). SSO can be a fun configuration :grimacing:

You can reach them at Contact | Bitwarden

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Thank you. I have communicated this issue to Bitwarden Support and have been told this is a known issue that has been corrected in the latest unreleased iOS app version. The new version of the app will be available once it is approved by Apple.

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