Unable to Log In To Bitwarden App On Android 10 When Asks For 2-Step Log In Requirement?

Hello! Nice to meet you all! I am new to this forum! …and I have to say that I love this program! I have been using it for a while and am pleased thus far with it for my password manager needs!

Of course, I am here for my first question which I have a feeling I am not the only one that has experienced this. Here it goes…

This is regarding an issue with the login process using 2-step login with my Bitwarden app with my Android 10 smartphone. (Need I say any more? Know what I am talking about? Is this a known common problem?) My story: I have an Android 10 smartphone and I use the Bitwarden app on it. When I open the Bitwarden app and enter my log in information (Email Address – usually filled out already and Master Password to complete) and then log in, Bitwarden will prompt me to go to my email inbox to retrieve a 6-digit security code and then come back to Bidwarden’s app to enter that 6-digit code as part of its 2-step log in requirement. So when I do this, get the 6-digit code from my app (I use Google’s Gmail.), return back to Bidwarden’s app using my square recent button, the Bitwarden’s screen asking to enter the 6-digit code is gone! What happens is that I am back to the Bitwarden log-in screen again where I click on the login button and restart all over again re-entering my log-in information all over again! As you can see this is an endless loop never being able to log in to Bidwarden.

So, what is the solution to bypass this endless loop with logging into Bitwarden?

Please reply.


NOTE: I know there are some new security features with Android 10 when you minimize an app window screen using the square recent button on certain window screen apps, the contents inside the minimized window screen turn white – that happens with the Bitwarden app as if is restarting the Bitwarden app out maybe? I am not sure if that is the reason why when you maximize or re-open the Bitwarden app that it restarts the app or not?