Unable to log in on chrome extension due to no pop out option

Hello all. I have the chrome extension, win 10. I am no longer able to log in to the chrome extension. After putting in the master password, it asks for the two step verification code sent to the email, but does not let me pop out the bitwarden extension window so that it doesn’t close when I go to my email. Consequently, after getting the code and clicking the extension again, it has cancelled the login process and asks for the code again. Vicious cycle. What happened to the button that lets you pop out the bitwarden window to keep it open?

I don’t have the answer to your question, but as a work-around, could you start with two browser windows (with your email open in one of the windows, and the Bitwarden browser extension open in the other window)? I have found that the browser extension pop-up doesn’t close if you shift focus to a different window.

You can also open the browser extension in a full browser tab instead of as a pop-up, by pasting the following URI into the address bar (you can even set this to be your browser home page):