Unable to import Firefox

I am importing from Firefox Lockwise (both exporting and the bitwarden import tool) But it rejects it because there is an entry in the Firefox line (first record) which exceeds 1,000 characters. I don;t know how to amend it, but if I recove ie, in line with the advice, it is not accepted.

I have tried in CSV ans JSON, and no luck. I have contacted support, tbh not much help.

Anyone else have this specifically with Firefox, and how did they get around it

Many thanks in advance

I also faced this issue. Its pretty easy to solve
The error occurs when one or more than one field has a really large value. Bitwarden has set a limit to prevent abuse. Just open Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets and do the following
Error message
Ciphers[ X ].Login: The field yyyy exceeds the maximum encrypted value length of zzzz characters.

You can open the exported file in a text editor or spreadsheet program (such as Excel) to locate it. The offending item can be found at index X (as referenced in the error message) in the file. Once you have located the offending item, remove it or update its data, then resave and try the import operation with Bitwarden again.

SOURCE: https://bitwarden.com/help/article/import-data/