Unable to access Bitwarden Desktop App with stored Feitian (fido U2F) keys

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I have added two fido U2F keys and was able to log on initially with them. After reboot I get the following error:
“This account has two-step login enabled, however, none of the configured two-step providers are supported by this device.
Please add additional providers that are better supported across devices (such as an authenticator app).”

Hardware:Surface Laptop 3 Model 1867:1868 i7
OS: Win10 Pro build 19042.804

I can get in with recovery keys, the fido keys apparently weren’t saved, though when I go to re-add the Fido keys, Bitwarden finds the friendly names I had previously assigned. I have both the NFC key, and the USB key and they are apparently both supported on this hardware with this OS.