UI and Navigation Issues as own Category in Community Forums

I have found a number of features within BW really great and I think it has a really solid foundation for growth and application within organizations/companies that need to share and track password access.

But, … there are a whole number of navigation, orientation, and user interface issues that make leave new users confused and disoriented when trying to find or manage PW. There have been incremental improvements over the time that I have been using BW, but there are a whole number of UI issues that remain non-intuitive.

What about creating a new Category Area in the Community Forums dedicated to UI issues, so that we can raise individual UI suggestions there, rather than clutter this area of more technical feature requests?

I agree. I really like the core & concepts of BW, but there are definite usability issues. I still find it slower to use than LP, which makes me keep thinking about going back, but I don’t really want to.

Feel free to submit them as feature requests for now. If it gets to be too much we can always move them out to a new category.

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It should also be noted that we are already aware of several UX issues in the web vault. It is currently being re-written from scratch with a new UI and is planned for release in the coming weeks.

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Really good to hear about the planned Web Vault improvements.
If it is being significantly overhauled, should we hold off on posting detailed UX issues or would it be better to have them raised now?

You can post some now and I can let you know if they are planned or already part of the overhaul.