U2F Support for Bitwarden Desktop


I did some search on this topic but unfortunately no further information on the status of U2F integration for Bitwarden Desktop.

I am happy to help.

@ariandyy hi and welcome!

Just to clarify, is this about adding two-step vault access to the desktop vault?

Hi @tgreer, thanks!

Generally yes, but specifically two-step with U2F Tokens such as Yubikey.

We support Yubikey on login currently, just not on “unlock”.

With our new auto-logout feature (coming shortly), you can set the vault to require authentication (fully) when the vault times out, so you’ll be asked to use your Yubikey to unlock each time.

Are you sure about that? Bitwarden Desktop v1.17.2 (current) throws an error if I try to login to my account (U2F configured).

What error are you encountering?

oh sorry, wrong wording, not an exactly an error, but this:

This account has two-step login enabled, however, none of the configured two-step providers are supported by this device.
Please add additional providers that are better supported across devices (such as an authenticator app).

Nah - this was my fault - I didn’t pay attention to the desktop app portion of your description.

We support Yubikey on lots of stuff, but U2F on a select number of clients (web vault and browser extensions on certain browsers) - more info here:


Thanks for the link.

Is U2F support for Bitwarden Desktop (non-browser) planned?

If you have a Yubikey, try adding a Yubikey 2FA entry with your same security key. That’s what I’m doing for now.