Types and Folders - Collapsible

Presently, the Types interface element group is followed by the folders group, on the BW web and add-on dialogs. The placement of the two groups appears hard coded, with no user ability to config presentation. Compounding the problem is that scrolling between these elements is quirky in my experience.

Some users, like me, have spent a lot of time utilizing folders, while others may find Types to be adequate. Folder users must scroll past the Types group repeatedly.

I propose these improvements, from “easy” to “hard”:

  1. Add a feature to collapse and expand these groups. IE, user can collapse the Types group when the Folders group is needed.

  2. Allow the user to change the order of the two groups. For example, I would put the Folders group before the Types group.

  3. Allow the user to config what items show up in the two groups, from a dialog where values could be checked or unchecked, or similar. For example, one folder value, could be hidden (suppressed), or an unneeded Type value could be hidden(suppressed), making for better use of the real estate. The dialog would also allow the user to specify the order of the two groups, as in Folders followed by Types.

Thank you.