Two Suggestions to Improve Secure Notes


I have been an avid Bitwarden user for years, and I love the software. It’s an excellent password manager with the best price: free! Or under $50/year. My sincere thanks go toward all the developers and community members. With that said, I have two suggestions to make the browser even better:
⬤ Adding Markdown to Secure Notes would make them prettier and more useful. Currently notes are stored in plaintext, like in Simplenote and Microsoft Notepad. It would be far more useful if users could add more advanced formatting and office features (indents, bold/italic/underline/strike-through, even “Save to pdf”). I’m not asking for Word or LibreOffice, but an editor like Wordpad would be far more useful.
⬤ Adding a “Tags” functionality similar to Firefox would make organizing easier and more useful. For example, if a customer uses Bitwarden to journal, and in his journal he mentions certain software he needs to download when he gets to work three days later, he could tag the page “#Journal, #Software, #Work.” That would make finding it faster and easier. Likewise, if he uses Photoshop and for photo editing at work, but GIMP for personal projects, he could tag the former with “#Software, #ImageProduction, #Work,” and the latter with “#Software, #ImageProduction, #Recreation.” It’s a small touch, but I feel like it would make the browser more homey.

Thank you once more for making excellent software, and supporting a strong community. I’m eager to hear what all of you think of my ideas.

Markdown support has already been requested. You can add your vote there:

Tags have also been requested. You can add your vote (and voice) over thre: