Two-step re-prompt: allow biometrics for some time, then ask for master pass

Today, it is possible to have the vault lock after a specified time out, after which point you need to unlock it either with biometrics or with the master password (or with a PIN). Using the master password is the most secure but cumbersome, which biometrics (or PIN) can speed up, though at a lower security. I am proposing to offer a combination of the two:

  1. Lock and require biometrics (or PIN) after a first time out, say 5m. You’d use that most of the time.
  2. Require the master password when some more time has passed, say 2h. You’d only have to do that occasionally.

The use cases are similar to those of item-specific re-prompt (e.g., forget to unlock, loose device, etc.) but protect the whole vault. Also, in theory, one could unlock my phone and then my vault using biometrics while I am sleeping.

This request bears some similarity (or completely solves) the following requests: