Two-step auth not being requested when "log out" or "quit" in Windows program 1.14.0

HI all. Recently when I either quit or log out of the Bitwarden program in Windows (v1.14.0) and then re-start the Bitwarden program after entering my master password I am no longer being asked for two-step authentication. Why? I might have checked remember this device on accident. Is there anyway to reset this so that it does has for two-step auth? Thanks!

When you try to log back in, does it ask you for both your email addres and password, or only your password ?
If it only asks your password, then you didn’t log out but you locked your vault, which are two different actions. 2FA is only asked when logging in, never when unlocking.

If it asks for your email AND your password, then I don’t know :sweat_smile:

Thanks for replying. It only asks for my password, but I do select Log Out not Lock. :neutral_face: